4 Reasons that a Gift Subscription to LeilaBox Is Perfect for the Holidays

4 Reasons that a Gift Subscription to LeilaBox Is Perfect for the Holidays

As the holiday gift shopping season kicks into high gear, you may be thinking:
How can I give something new and fresh this year?
What can I give that anyone who loves style can enjoy – even someone I don’t know well?
What can I give that keeps on giving, month after month?
LeilaBox gift subscriptions will solve all your problems.  A 3- or 6-month gift subscription to LeilaBox is the perfect gift for every jewelry and style maven on your holiday list.

4 great reasons to give LeilaBox this year:

Reason #1: You don’t have to be local. Your mother-in-law in Florida, your sister in California, and your college roommate in Chicago can all get a beautiful LeilaBox to put under the tree to open Christmas morning.  The box comes wrapped in a bow and there’s a card inside with your personal message (as well as instructions for activating the gift subscription).  Or if you’ve left it to the last minute, we can send it as an e-mail to arrive on the day you choose, with your personal holiday greeting included.

Reason #2:  LeilaBox is an appropriate gift for anyone – a family member, a co-worker, or a casual acquaintance. You don’t have to know her personal style or worry that you’ve chosen something she won’t like. The person who gets the subscription fills out a style profile, so she’ll get exactly what she loves in every box, and you don’t buy her something she ends up returning to the store.

Reason #3:  LeilaBox is a great way for your “giftee” to enjoy new styles and trends without filling up her jewelry box with pieces she’ll wear only once or twice.  She can go outside her comfort zone, try out styles that she might not have bought for herself, and see what looks great (and what’s a hard pass).  And getting a box of jewelry in the mail is totally fun every time it arrives at the door.  A bunch of sparkly things to wear and enjoy, until she’s ready to send them back and get a whole new set a few days later – now THAT’S a great gift.

And last but not least…
Reason #4: If you’re the world’s greatest procrastinator, you can even do it at the very last minute.  All you need is her e-mail address, and we can get the gift subscription out within hours. (But if you want the box under the tree, we need some lead time to get it organized.)

This year make her holiday really sparkle – give a gift subscription to LeilaBox!

If you want to send a holiday box to go under the tree, go ahead and purchase the gift subscription and then send an e-mail to info@leilabox.com requesting the holiday gift box, and we’ll contact you for details – we’ll need a mailing address to make it happen.