Borrow Jewelry For A Special Event

Borrow Jewelry For A Special Event

Did you know that you could borrow jewelry for a special event? This time of year is uber busy with special occasions such as weddings, work dinners, non-profit and charity events, and back-to-school functions.  As we’re still struggling to get into the swing of things for fall, we tend to rely on our wardrobe staples with little time for shopping, especially for new jewelry. We want to look our best, but simply don’t have the time!

LeilaBox can help! Instead of spending precious time and money shopping, why not bejewel yourself with a subscription jewelry box?  It’s a great way to try out an awesome, new, bold necklace to spice up your little black dress.

LeilaBox Jewelry Stylist

Send us a picture of your dress or outfit, and we’ll hand-select some special pieces of jewelry for your event. Your LeilaBox Jewelry stylist will consider your outfit’s material, neckline, style and fit to help find the right proportions to complement your clothing. A V-neck looks great with a mid-length necklace, a high scoop neck becomes dramatic with a long pendant. If you’ll be wearing a dramatic gown, we will select formal jewelry that really shines. If you’ll be wearing a floral maxi dress, we’ll go a little more natural and fun. A blazer with cuffed or rolled sleeves always looks professional and chic with a modern, chunky bracelet.

Send Us a Picture of Your Hairstyle

How do you typically wear your hair for special events? Send us a picture (or even an inspiration picture from Pinterest.) If you’re wearing your hair up, we can try a beautiful dangly pair of earrings. If you’re keeping your hair loose and natural, maybe a bright, sparkly pair will pop and help to draw attention to your cheekbones.

Let LeilaBox complete your look and borrow jewelry for a special event. You don’t have to break the bank on new jewelry that you might only wear once.

Wear. Enjoy. Refresh. Repeat.

We will make sure that you sparkle and shine all night long. And when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella can simply put her jewels back in the box and ship it back. It’s dazzling jewelry, in a box, on loan, picked out and shipped out, just for you. there’s nothing more glamorous than that!