Classic Styles – in Clothes AND Jewelry!

Classic Styles – in Clothes AND Jewelry!


Every woman should have timeless, versatile clothing and jewelry pieces that transition seamlessly with every addition to her wardrobe.

Style basics are key items that always work – no matter what’s “trending.” Here are pieces that every woman should keep in her closet and jewelry box. Which ones do you have – and which do you still need?


LBD – Coco Chanel changed fashion in many ways,

but her biggest influence on fashion was her introduction to the

Little Black Dress in 1926.  Goes with all your dressy jewelry, too!





Crisp White Shirt – Chic and effortless whenever paired with either

jeans, trousers or a suit.  Wear it with your classic jewelry styles.




Leather Jacket – to wear with trousers, a sundress, or jeans & t-shirt.

Go with the trendy jewelry for this one – hoop earrings, big cuffs.





Trousers –  Can be bought with the matching suit jacket or worn alone.  

This style basic can go from work to play, and gets the classic jewelry.

(photo from Marie Claire)






White T-Shirt – A classic go-to piece.  You probably need more than one!

Wear it with pendants, stacking bracelets, dangly earrings.






Camel Coat or Trench Coat – 

On a rainy, cold day, pair this with jeans or a suit for a classic look.






Classic Pearl Necklace –

Single strand or multi-layered, a pearl or faux pearl necklace is always right.





Statement Necklace – Turn some heads with color and unusual shapes!





Pendant Necklace –

The pendant necklace can be a casual accessory to wear

with a boho-chic look or a perfect pairing to a special black tie affair.







Delicate Necklace – A style basic, to wear alone or layered.

Dress it up or down, it always works.



Cuff Bracelet –

A statement accessory that’s easy to wear and gets you noticed.





Stacking Bracelet – Show your style by choosing your own grouping!




Statement Earring – There is no better way to transform your outfit

than a pair of statement earrings.





Simple or Stud Earring – A classic style basic that can be worn every day.

Diamonds anyone?


Hoop Earring – The current favorite of all earring styles,

the hoop can come in many colors and sizes.






So which pieces do you need to fill in to complete your classic style wardrobe?

(Thanks to Zenzii for content inspo!)