Fall in Love with Your Wardrobe Again

Fall in Love with Your Wardrobe Again

As the temperatures start to drop and the sun begins to set earlier each day, you reach for the comfortable, tried-and-true staples in your closet. It’s been awhile since you needed that cardigan to throw over your shoulders. You uncover your favorite, cozy, cable-knit sweater from last year and dig out that classic jacket you always grab because it matches with everything.

Transition for the Seasons with Jewelry

You notice that the colors of your fall wardrobe are a bit more subdued than your bright, colorful, airy summer clothes. The old familiar tones and textures are comforting, but they need a little pizzazz to spruce them up. That boring button-down really needs a great necklace to make your outfit pop. You realize you probably need to buy a few new key pieces of clothing for the cooler fall season, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This is where accessories come into play. A striking necklace or a chunky, bold bracelet can breathe some new life into your outfit. LeilaBox will ship the perfect fall fashion jewelry right to your door to make your wardrobe look like new again. The best part is, you can continue to freshen up your style with a new box of jewelry whenever you’re ready to mail it back and try a new one. Subscription boutique jewelry is an easy and affordable way to update your fall look.

Fall = Change

Fall is all about change, and change is an important part of fashion. With LeilaBox, you can stretch beyond your normal comfort zone and try out a funky pair of earrings that you’d never otherwise buy. A bold, statement piece with a dash of color can really elevate your classic look.

You can experiment with brightly colored gemstones to make your fall neutrals a little more exciting. Citrine, amethyst, pearls and onyx are just a few of the dramatic options for the autumn season. Two-tone mixed metals are also great transition pieces to help blend your summer-to-autumn look.

Find Your Fashion and Jewelry Inspiration

Tell us your fashion goals for the fall, send us your Pinterest boards full of fashion inspirations, and we’ll find the perfect jewelry to compliment your look!

The newest must-have jewelry trends for fall 2018 are starting to make waves. More on that to come!