Necklace Styles and Trends 101

Necklace Styles and Trends 101

There are so many different styles, lengths and trends in jewelry these days, and necklaces are the easiest and most popular style to wear.  Here’s a quick guide to teach you the terminology of necklace styles so you can look and sound like a jewelry pro!

Necklace lengths

Choker—14 inches. A Choker will typically sit high and tight on the neck.  The ideal neckline for a Choker is a strapless silhouette – so wear them with your summer sundress at the beach, OR your fancy cocktail dress!

Lace Choker Necklace

Collar—16 inches. The Collar will ideally will fit perfectly around the base of the neck.  A Collar is ideally worn with an open neckline or a strapless top – but it really works with a little Italian business suit too, so get that corporate look ready!

Bib—16-18 inches. A Bib necklace, also known as a Statement necklace, is usually a standout. You can wear it with most necklines, but keep your top simple.  This necklace usually draws all the attention!

Pewter bib necklace

Matinee—20 inches. The Matinee necklace falls a few inches below the collar bone and sit just at the bust line.  Traditionally the Matinee Necklace was a single strand of pearls, but more modern styles include layered necklaces.  This necklace is versatile – wear it with a low neckline or a turtleneck

Long/Opera—24 inches. The Opera Necklace or Long Necklace also includes Pendant Necklaces. We all have a bunch of these – wear them with sweaters and tee shirts!

Lapis Pendant Necklace

Rope/Lariat—30-36 inches. While the Rope Necklace is a long single strand, a Lariat is a long open-ended necklace.  Both can be worn long, wrapped or added to other necklaces for a layered look.  Knot them, double or even triple them for extra impact!

Rope Triple Necklace

Of course, everyone has necklace styles that look better on them – some women may not like how they look in chokers, and shorter women may not like themselves in really long necklaces.  Choose a style that frames your face, accentuates your best features – and then go rock them!